Monday, June 13, 2011

silver slaughter

recently discovered a spot where very large carp can be easily taken with fly tackle and little did i know it also holds great numbers of massive silver redhorse. i fished here a few days in a row with my usualy fishing buddy ben and we caught tons of them! some real monsters too. i first tried fishing them with my fly rod but only armed with light tippet line i was just breaking them off. i rigged up my spinning rod and drifted crawlers past their noses and caught a new personal best with ben also catching a personal best the next day. unfortiunately this spot is well known by the local bow killers and i havent seen the silvers in the same numbers as usual in this portion of the creek lately.

my big silver

a drum that decided to grab one of my carp flies

another large silver


bens personal best silver

a nice golden redhorse

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