Thursday, September 1, 2011

root river

decided to head out to a spot on the north branch root with cyndie today. fishing was slow and for the first half of the day i could not avoid the hordes of puny smallmouth grabbing every crawler i threw in the water. there were loads of suckers around but actually getting a bite seemed impossible. i had many times when a bait was presented directly in front of the fish but it didnt take. i saw what looked to be a small stream flowing into the river and tossed a spinner towards it. almost instantly 3 large browns chased all at the same time. almost needed new shorts after that. i threw a few more casts but didnt see them again so i switched to worms. almost instantly i caught one trout after another. a few nice browns and bows came in including a beautiful 19 inch brown. unfortiunatly for the fish it was hooked in the gills and didnt make it so tomorow im grilling some trout on my smoker tomorrow.

a few hundred smallmouth later i got a different kinda bite. as i cranked the fish in a saw a smallmouth easily over 4lbs almost grab the fish off the line. i got it in and to my suprise it was a rock bass a fish id never caught in the root before. kinda neat but nothing too special.

as it got later we finally got into some suckers. cyndie caught the first one. a small golden.

next cast cyndie connected with a really nice fish. she fought it in like a champ. a personal best smallmouth for her

after bringing in a few shortheads and silvers cyndie had something better take her crawler. i saw the fish as she brought it in and instantly knew what it was. she got panicked when i yelled "HOLY $#!@ ITS A #$%^*ING GREATER!!" she dragged it up towards the sand and i got into the water and landed it. not a big one but still its a greater!

my camera crapped out on me basically ruining the photo. its at least decent but im still upset about it. from now on its useless because there is a large scratch in the lense. i purchased a new camera already so hopefully it wont be an issue again


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