Thursday, March 15, 2012

summer weather in march

the weather has been unseasonably warm most of the winter and this trend is still continuing. it has been in the 70s all week. with the warm weather i will be doing quite a bit of fishing.

weather forecast for the next week

on wednesday me and cyndie decided to go try one of our favorite spring spots on the mississippi river. the fishing was better than expected. the redhorse were biting like crazy! we caught dozens of them. mainly shortheads but there were a few goldens and a beefy silver thrown in the mix.

cyndie caught what was definitely the fish of the day. she got a bite that felt a little different then a redhorse. the rod was doubled over and it was obvious she had a much larger fish on. after a good fight the fish broke the surface and i was amazed at the size of the thing. on the end of her line was a gigantic walleye. i hopped down onto the rocks and netted the fish. we measured it at 27" inches long a new personal best for cyndie.

the redhorse bite continued. another group of fishermen caught a decent sized sturgeon and i got my first whitebass of '12 we fished for a few hours after dark and didn't get much. we caught a couple of sauger and i caught a decent channel cat. with the fishing as good as it was all day i am certain i will be back at this spot again very soon.

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