Wednesday, April 10, 2013

no spring in sight

with what seems to be a never ending winter this year the only fish i have been having any luck with have been trout. majority of my river spots are blown out and with an additional 10-15" of snow in the forecast its going to be even longer before anything is fishable. i've caught a few redhorse, pike, carp and even a lifelister quillback but mostly just brown trout. it's been fun but i must say i am getting pretty sick of trout. here are a few catches so far this spring.

lifelister quillback

with how slow things have been i have taken more scenery photos of some favorite fishing spots of mine instead of fishing. here are a few favorites from this winter.

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  1. Down here it was an odd winter as well. Mild until February and now it wont leave us alone. It will come soon enough. Good fish and I enjoyed the scenery shots as well.