Tuesday, May 21, 2013

spring fishing

this is just gonna be a quick post showcasing a few fish from some recent trips. 5 days from now i will be driving 14 hours south to target some new lifelisters with the main goal being alligator gar.

i added another species to my list this week from a lake 5 minutes from home. i got a tip from a friend about a large lake overrun with wild goldfish. i set up my flyrod to toss free lined bread balls to schooling fish and in no time had a new lifelister.

the trout fishing has been good as usual. currently with all the rain my spot is unfishable. it is up several feet and looks like chocolate milk. i did manage to get out before all the weather and catch my biggest of the year so far a solid 25" brown. i probably won't be able to fish that spot until i return from my trip but until then i have a lake with some large bows. i just got a new inflatable and hit the lake recently catching several nice sized fish.

i even managed to get out and fish one of my favorite river spots before the flooding last week and caught one of the prettiest bowfin i have ever seen as well.

normally i don't keep many fish but recently on one of the rivers i gill hooked a 23" brown and it would not release so it came home with me. nothing beats fresh trout cooked on the grill! its very easy to prepare and tastes amazing. i just gut the fish then place it in foil with butter onions garlic black pepper old bay seasoning siracha sauce and lemon slices wrap it up and put it on the grill until its cooked to the point where the skin peels right off and the meat falls from the bones.


  1. Awesome goldfish! I fish some ponds that each just have one or two solitary goldfish...pets that folks have "released". They confound me and my fly rod. I may have gotten a couple strikes on flies, but they were too subtle to set the hook on. Bread balls huh? :)
    Sweet Bowfin, too!

  2. I agree with Dave, thats awesome that you caught a goldfish! Congrats!

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  5. Try so hard for local koi. very, very tough~! Good for you!


  6. Beautiful trip, preparing for the next spring fishing season. If you are looking for a fishfinder, please let me know!

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