Monday, January 31, 2011

ice trout.

first off i despise ice fishing but in minnesota you dont really have an option. if you want to fish in the winter its limited. you can fish open water but who wants to be out in the cold? its easier to just set up your shack and sit out on the lake. so feeling cooped up i decided to meet up with ben and go fish. our destination was a little pond in southeast mn. we looked all over for fish, until deciding to just wait for the fish to come to us.

we fished in about 4 feet of water and watched as trout would come in to our bait.

i got the first one of the day, a 15" on a spoon tipped with a minnow

a little later on i see a very nice trout move in on my bait hit at it a good 3 times and steal my minnow. seconds later ben hooks up into a beautiful 17 inch bow.

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