Tuesday, February 1, 2011

small streams.

have you ever driven past a small little creek and wonder about what might be in there but never take the time to check it out? i spent my first few years that i fished SE Minnesota doing the same thing. until recently i never bothered fishing any of the smaller creeks that happen to be everywhere near me. these small streams can have very diverse ecosystems and can be well worth your time especially to those species hunters. small streams typically hold quite a few species of smaller fish or micros as we refer to them as. someone who has been a species hunter for a long time but still hasnt targeted micros can actually have alot of fun with it, you can easily catch multiple new species of fish in a day if you take the time to target them. an easy way to find fish is to basically walk the stream looking for them and dropping a bait into deeper pools. start off with your basics, a crawler or waxworm on a small hook. you should be able to locate fish pretty early on.

many of these small streams are also home to some larger fish, typically trout. when trying to determine if your local creek has trout i would reccomend searching it online. there should usually be sites showing what streams are designated trout streams, what ones have trout but arent designated and what ones are tributaries of either of the two.

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