Tuesday, February 1, 2011

rocky mountain high

my family arrived in vail, colorado on july 31. it was the beginning of probably the best vacation i've ever been on.

the owners of the condo we were staying in told us that there was a good view of the mountains, and plenty of wildlife. but they failed to mention that this little gem was directly across the street

i tried really hard to get a wild trout on the fly. it didn't happen for a couple days. but one morning, after it rained, i found a little nightcrawler, i was to tempted to cheat, so i pinched off a small piece of the worm and put it on the fly. soon after, i got my first fish of the trip, a new species for me. A brook trout!

content, i went home and had breakfast.

i decided, sice i'm on vacation, i'll try catching as many fish as possible, so i brought out the ultra light.

the next night, after getting back from whitewater rafting, i got this rainbow, the only fish of the day
but on the very next cast
the next morning, my dads license started, we woke up early in the morning, i wanted my dad to get something so i let him fish for a while. after he lost a brown, i moved on to what became known as "the magical pool."

once again, it was a two fish day. this wasn't a vacation dedicated to fishing, but i got in as much as i could.

however, the net day, thursday, august 5, our last day in colorado, was dedicated to fishing.

again, my dad and i woke up early and i got this very strong, very pretty, and very fat brown

after breakfast, my family went for a walk, and i went fishing. i tried a different run under a small waterfall and i got, yet another, brookie

 on my next cast i felt something heavier, fish on!

i saw a different fish on the end of my line. "no friggin way" i thought to myself

but yes, it was. i could feel myself smiling as i brought the fish to hand. i was probably the most beautiful fish i've ever seen in my life, lifelister cutthroat trout!

when my dad heard that i got a cutthroat, he got about as happy as i was. so we headed out.

our destination was the eagle river. packed with browns. tons. it was like catching bluegills.

most were around this size

after an action packed day of trout fishing, we returned to gore creek. we fished the usual pools, and as i watched the sun slip away beneath the mountains, i got my last fish of the trip.

article written by, Ben Erb.

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