Thursday, May 17, 2012

a few days below the cliffs

with a few days off till i had to return to work i decided id fish some spots i havent been to yet this year. one being "the cliffs". the cliffs are well cliffs.. lots of very large steep cliffs. at the bottom a beautiful stretch of river running through.

 i tried a spot that usually is good this time of year first. my brother tagged along and caught his first freshwater drum. first fish i caught was a channel catfish an odd catch for this spot. i also got multiple drum and a few smallmouth bass nothing really spectacular but it was fun. right before leaving some other anglers on the far shore caught a yellow bullhead. i have been looking for a yellow for some time now so i returned to the cliffs the last 2 days in a row.

randy's drum

the first day back there was decent. i caught small trout a few redhorse and one really chunky carp.

 also found this little guy crawling around on the banks.

but when it comes to the yellow bullhead i was after i was not successful.

again i  returned to the spot the next day. i walked all over along the river trying different spots. i fished a large pool under a bridge and i caught several trout and a small pike but no yellows.

i found this way back in the woods. its a roughfish june contest button! not sure whos it was. kind of a funny find. also found a sex toy lodged in a tree. ive come across some unexpected things walking through the woods down here but that is a new one.

i went back to my first spot and caught a very fat carp.

i fished there till the sun started to set catching a huge variety of fish but no yellows. the last fish of the day was this silver redhorse. i would have stayed longer but a group of teenagers were under the bridge blasting rap music, tossing bottles and rocks into the river. when i asked them to stop a rock got hurled in my direction so i decided its time to leave.

in the end i realized how many different kinds of fish are in this system. i will be back at the cliffs a few more times over the next couple of days hopefully i can find myself a yellow bullhead.

all in all i caught: bluegill, channel catfish, creek chub, smallmouth bass, common carp, freshwater drum, silver redhorse, golden redhorse, shorthead redhorse, northern pike, brown trout and walleye.


  1. That's a big variety of species from one stream! Well done!

  2. this spot can be very unique. ive heard of some odballs down there. a few years back i talked to a guy who caught a 42" musky from the spot i caught the carp. the stream is stocked with trout several miles up stream so the occasional holdover rainbow trout gets pulled out of here.