Tuesday, August 7, 2012

biggest channel catfish of the year

spent last night fishing one of my favorite cat spots. i have been very busy targeting new species that i haven't gotten out after cats in a while. after last nights success i think i will be spending some time chasing catfish this month. i caught one channel and one flathead but i also hooked a mistery fish on a crawler last night that screamed almost all the line out of my reel before wrapping something on the bottom and snapping the line.

the flathead was small and i didn't take any photos but the channel cat was quite dandy. a solid 30 inches long, my second biggest and the biggest of the year.


  1. Solid Catfish!! Too bad on the mystery fish, my buddy lost one in a similar situation yesterday, those are the fish that keep you awake at night and back on the water the next day.

  2. i suspect the mystery fish to be a carp. i haven't caught many here but nearly every one caught has been 10+ pounds.

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