Monday, April 18, 2011

giant hogsucker

today i fished the cannon over at a little spot back in the woods where a friend of mine caught a greater redhorse today. with that in mind i set up for suckers. right away i got into a good sized golden. i was pretty content with it becuase it was my first redhorse that wasnt caught in a warmwater discharge this year. a few minutes later i nailed a shorthead. action was fast i kept catching redhorse after redhorse just having tons of fun with it. it was getting dark so i was about to leave and i got a bite. it felt different than the rest of the redhorse i caught today i brought it up and felt no headshakes just dead weight and it felt pretty heavy. i got it up and thought i had a white sucker on. i pulled it up and saw how wide the head was and couldnt believe it. i had just caught the biggest hogsucker i have ever seen. i measured it at a little over 16". for sure a new personal best. also the current state record hogsucker measured 14.25 inches and weighed 1.15 lbs i did not get the weight for my fish unfortunately but it was around 2 inches longer making it possibly larger than the current record.

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