Thursday, April 28, 2011

non-native fish on the yampa river to be euthanized

sport fish are being removed from the yampa river to help create a better enviroment for the native endangered species such as the bonytail chub, colorado pikeminnow and razorback suckers. hopefully this is a successful operation and can remove some of the competition the native fish are facing. seems like theres a large amount of idiots with a sport fish mentality who are apposed to this. the words "useless trash fish" are being thrown around alot by the local fishermen. its upsetting to see that there seems to be almost no regard for the fish that are meant to be in the river in the fist place. as a species angler i hope to see the bass, catfish and esox species completely eradicated from these rivers so someday if i venture out this way i can have a shot at the many glorious native fish.

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