Thursday, April 21, 2011

state record blue sucker caught on the iowa river

"A 33-1/4-inch, blue sucker was caught in the Iowa River in Johnson County on April 11. The fish weighed in at 15 pounds, 6 ounces on a certified scale.
Steven Jones was fishing for walleyes with a jig when the caught the fish.
This is the first state record for blue sucker, which is one of nine species of fish added to the list available for new master angler program and state record registry. "
the fact that the fish was caught on a jig tells me there is a chance that it was fowl hooked. i hear of alot of walleye guys catching one of these from time to time and its always while jigging. i have caught shorthead redhorse before on the st. croix back in my walleye days so a fair hook in this fish isnt out of the question. then again i have also heard from many walleye guys that they will count a fish hooked above the gills as fair and one behind the gills as snagged even if they hook is in the side of the fishes head its "fair" in their opinion. either way its really awesome to see such a fine specimen of one of our rarest fish even if the picture is somewhat humorous. if i were to catch a state record fish and have my picture taken for the news i highly doubt id hold it like a pump shotgun. so congrats steven jones for catching such a beautiful fish. 

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